Our Priority

to clean up the environment and protect wildlife

Our Mission

to solve the global waste plastic epidemic

What We Do


PlasticPower® partners with local governments and private institutions to identify their waste collection concerns. Once a viable solution is agreed upon the design process is implemented to divert waste from landfills and to eliminate pollution.


PlasticPower’s engineering team is constantly creating new processes to provide 100% waste consumption solutions. With the belief that nothing needs to be thrown away, “un-recyclable” garbage can be turned into electric energy, plastics can be converted into valuable fuels, and heavy metals are turned back into usable products.


The PlasticPower® team has decades of experience consulting, designing and constructing power plants around the globe. Whether the need is a biomass power plant, using all of a region’s garbage to create energy, or a plastic refinery that converts waste plastic into fuel; we provide the capacity and capability to heat homes, businesses, power marine fleets, and provide backup power generation on any scale.


When the PlasticPower® Waste Management System has been deployed it becomes a benefit to humans, wildlife and the environment. The PlasticPower® Sales Team is available around the clock to enure that no waste is left behind. From consulting on processing facilities to providing support to our end customers, we are your ultimate waste management company.

Our Products

From Heating, to Marine & Emergencies

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