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PlasticPower® partners with local governments and private institutions to identify their waste collection concerns.


PlasticPower’s engineering team is constantly creating new processes to provide 100% waste consumption solutions.

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Private Placement Memorandum!

Build a relationship with our company.  We provide a safe and secure way to earn 12% annual return through our Private Placement Memorandum. (PPM)  Call or email us on how you can join the many satisfied investors.

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Equity Partners!

Learn how you can become an Equity partner through our (PPM)

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donate to help the clean up!

Become a charitable donor for the safe and efficient cleaning of our Rivers, Beaches and landfills.  Each year Billions of tons of plastic is being discarded into our environment. Be the solution donate to help us clean up the environment.


Our management team has worked all over the world building and starting Power plants. Through our travels we have developed strong relationships with local governments in the country’s that we have traveled to.  Through these connections we have and will accuire more need for our Micro Refineries.  We will not only supply jobs to these foreign countries but give them the necessary resources to clean up there beaches and provide fuel for there fishing vessels.   

Purchase a plant

Let us show you how you can own one of our plants and produce fuel for the local economy.  

We can also build and manage the Plastic plant for you.  

Our  Plasit plants along with a Bio mass power plant can provide up to 60MW of needed sustainable energy for any country.  

Become a plastic supplier

We can partner with you on recycled plastic or use our company to dispose of your plastic waste.  Ask us how we can best suit your plastic disposable needs.

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